Protective Mask -KN95

Technical Data:

●Filtration efficiency (salt media) : ≥ 95%

●Inspiratory resistance : ≤350Pa

●Expiratory resistance : ≤250Pa

●Leakiness : <11

●Flammability : combustion duration less than 5S

●Mask belt(ear loop) : The breaking strength at the connection point between

each mask belt and mask body is greater than 8N.

●Compliant with GB2626-2006 KN95, and EN149:2001+A1: 200

Protective Mask -KN95 123

5 layers of filtration-

●1st layer- PP non-woven fabric for large particles

●2nd layer- ES hot air cotton

●3rd layer- melt-blown fabric BFE 95%

●4th layer- melt-blown fabric BFE 95% 

●5th layer- skin- friendly non-woven fabric

●Ear loop  :  Polyurethane and nylon

●Dimension  :    16.5*10.5cm(±5%)

●Nose clip  : PVC with built-in steel wire.

                      Fixed in the middle of the upper edge of the mask.

●Mask type- Folding


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